GP Privacy Policy

Who We Are

We're an app development company trading as Code Fanatics. We're based in Chester in the north west of the UK.

Office Address: Code Fanatics, 6 Kings Buildings, Chester, CH1 2AJ

The appointed data protection officer who oversees the compliance of the company under GDPR is Anthony Linton.

How and why personal data is obtained

Upon registration we collect your IP address and device info.

Your email address is acquired either directly (GP login) or through the web service you choose to login with (currently Facebook, Google or Microsoft). Having your email stored with us gives you the ability to prove account ownership and set-up an alternate login should you lose access to the web service originally chosen. Using a web service / email login serves as a reliable way to access your account and characters, saving the pain of remembering usernames and passwords.

Your IP address is automatically made available to us as you play the game, and as it changes.

Both your email address and IP addresses are used to enforce our Terms of Service, specifically the game rule which states you must not own duplicate accounts. We also check your account history where purchases (microtransactions) are made for anti-fraud purposes.

Your device info is stored to debug issues and provide us with statistical information for future developmental guidance.

You generate other bits of information; your fictitious character name, profile content, profile ‘known as’ name, forum content, inbox messages, notepad content, support tickets/emails and friend/block lists. It is advised that you avoid providing personal information in these areas where at all possible, to protect your privacy.

Children's Privacy

Children (under the age of 13) are not permitted to play the game and we do not knowingly collect their data. If we discover a child has created an account and provided us with personal data, that account will be closed and all data will be promptly deleted.

Who your personal data is shared with

We only use your data for the intended use, other than a few understandable exceptions:

  • Where necessary to perform the contractual obligations in our Terms of Service and in order to provide the Products and Services to you.
  • You have expressly made information public.
  • We share limited amounts of your personal data when purchases are made. In these cases, we only share what is required; your character name for SMS purchases, and your email address for card purchases.
  • We gain your specific consent first, for instance receiving prizes from competitions.
  • We may be compelled to provide your data for legal reasons.


We use cookies for authentication purposes. In the case of purchases they're used for security purposes.

How long we hold your personal data

We don't hold your data any longer than it is relevant to do so. Character names, forum content and profile content are only hidden or removed upon request where they contain personal data so as to protect the historical context of the game world.

Our retention schedules for personal data is as follows:

  • 1 week for direct player-to-player messages
  • ~1 month for unpinned forum threads or posts
  • 3 months for IP addresses
  • 2 years for (credit) support issues or direct emails
  • 3 years for purchases

Concerns / Erasure of data

If you have any concerns or complaints please email Anthony Linton -

You may ask us to modify, delete, or remove your Personal Data via the above email address, or by opening a support ticket in-game.

You may request your account be deleted so long as no purchases have been made in the past three years (for anti-fraud / legal reasons).

You can register a complaint about our handling of your personal data with the ICO, who are the supervisory authority for UK GDPR.