Official Moderator Rules & Guidelines

Rules For Moderators (HDOP’s and Forum Mods may find this to be equally helpful)


2. The Admin and Staff are here to do a job and your like/dislike of them is irrelevant.

3. There is a chain of command that you should respect at all times. Mods/HDOP/Forum Mods are answerable to the Admin. Any recruitment decisions should be taken to your Mod. If they are not online, then wait for him/her to log on. If you consider a matter needs an Admin, then feel free to approach him, but use your common sense. We wouldn’t have given you the position on staff if we didn’t have faith in your abilities.

4. Mods should not overrule other Mods decisions without discussing it with them first. Any errors found after this should be brought to the attention of the Admin, who will have the ultimate decision on the correct action to take.

5. Do not abuse your Staff Status. You are in a position of trust and are responsible for your actions and are expected to be impartial at all times.

6. You must be respectful of other players, including Admin and your fellow Mods. If you are abused, then give a warning. If the abuse continues, then take appropriate action. Do not return the abuse, it will not help the situation.

7. Admin can own property, its his game and he can do what he likes! Mods can own property if given permission from Admin. You cannot hold property for another player and if a property is gained as part of a modkill, you can keep it for a while and offload when its fair to do so. You can not sell property to the players. You can not have your casino maxbet set to more than 5 mil per casino. Mods cant lose more than 100 mil in any one casino in a day, but you can win as much as you like!

8. Mods cannot accept cash gifts of more than 10 mil from a player/gang. Any gifts must be declaired to Admin, and any amount over 10 mil is to be sent to the gang stash. You can not pass cash/credits from player to player. Mods can not give their cash away, its unearned and can unbalance the economy and the gameplay.

9. Mods can not assist in the killing of another player. You must not assist in the buying or selling of bullets, weapons or credits. You can not hitlist another player or buy them off the hitlist. If you need guns, then buy over all the stores, not just one. Your money is given as a gesture of good faith and cannot be used to influence the game in any way.

10. Admin can kill who he likes. Its his game and if he wants to shoot players, he can. Complaints? Post GP Suport and speak to... erm Admin
Mods have been given permission to kill fugitives as they are unused accounts and the Mods need some excitement. Mods are allowed to kill accounts of they have permission from Admin.

11. Admin and Mods may not join any other gang that the one designated for them. HDOP and Forum Mods may join another gang, but remember this does not guarantee the gang immunity or give them any special privileges.

12. Players that are racist, post porn pics, are excessively abusive or advertise other site and are generally bad for the game are not welcome here. You should Modkill without warning. If the player persists in making accounts, then an IP ban may be necessary as a last resort. If in doubt, consult the Admin.

13. Mods can not bypass the 2 rez rule. Its there for a reason, so ignore requests and bribes and report them to Admin.

14. Mods can not use the panel to take/xfer a property from one player to another, or to yourself.

15. IP bans can cause many problems. Mods can not IP ban a public site, for example Libraries, schools and community centers. You can IP ban proxys!

16. You do not copy or reveal anything that is posted on the GP Crew gang forum. What is said in the gang, stays in the gang. Any Mod found to be giving information or screenshots of the gang forum will be publically branded a snitch on the main forum and run the risk of demodding.

17. Do not copy and paste or screenshot the mod panel or any information from it unless relevant to a dupe/cheat and if its been cleared by Admin to do so. Be careful of any screenshot and the information it contains, however innocent it might seem at the time.

18. Complaints about staff shud be taken seriously, no matter how trivial it might seem to you. If its about your forum mods/HDOP's, then dont dismiss the complaint, check it out. If it cant be resolved, then ask them to forward their complaint to Admin via GP Support. If its a complaint about another Mod or yourself, rather than get into an argument, ask them to forward their complaints to Admin through GP Support, using the Complaint About Staff option. You wont get on with everyone, and Mods are easy targets for the serial moaners (you'll soon find out who they are!) so be prepared for accusations and complaints. This doesnt mean you have to take abuse, so modkill if necessary.

19. Information accessible to Admin and Mods is privileged and private. It contains sensitive information and is not to be passed to other players, even if they give their permission. You must not reveal the identity of a players new account after they have been killed, past accounts, who they killed or any accounts on their IP. IP information or even the amount of bullets taken to kill them is never given as this could give clues to the identity of the killer. Revival information is not given, they shud know who revived them. Hitlists with names hidden are hidden for a reason. All the information belongs to GP, not the players. Its what they agree to when they sign up so politely refuse.

20. Admin and Mods are allowed friends on the game, but there will come a time when this friendship is tested. You are in a position of power and will be expected to act in the best interests of the game. If you have a conflict of interest, then contact another Mod to help.

Mods, HDOP’s and Forum Mods that do not wish to hold their positions on staff will be demoded and deranked back to that of a normal player.

Any Mod found to be acting in an unprofessional manner or contrary to the standards expected of them, will be stripped of their power and privileges.

Any Mod found abusing their position will be not just be demoded, but modkilled. Their crimes will be made public and posted on the forum for all to see.

By Cassandra