~Forum Mod Guidelines~

~Forum Mod Guidelines~

Being a Forum Mod Is a very big responsibility! Please Follow these rules to ensure the forum is safe, fun and spam free!

To make sure you are up to date, please check the Staff post on the forum for any updates.

A few tips...

1] When locking posts, please don't abbreviate your reason, because not everyone will understand it, they're not in your head.

2] When you lock a post, give a reason on the post AND message the player who posted to make sure they know why you locked it. This especially applies to players you forum ban, they can't see the forum to check!

3] Delete locked posts after they have gone more than half way down the active forum. (past the sticky posts). READ THE POSTS BEFORE YOU DELETE THEM! They might be locked awaiting action from a mod and have a 'do not delete' warning on them. You can delete other forum mods locked posts, don't message that fourm mod to tell them they need to delete it, you have a button, do it yourself. It won't kill you!

4] When you delete a post from WKW (Who Killed Who), please state why you are deleting a post on there to save any confusion or accusations of cheating later on. Please make sure you message the player to explain the deletion or ban.

5] Do not lock and tell a player to 'message a mod' unless it's a personal post directed at the mod/admin. Players wanting GP information/help should be referred to helpdesk or GP Support, not the already spammed inbox of mods/admin! If the Admin/Mod wants to talk, they'll talk on it, but please read the post before you lock as they might be mid conversation already!


7] If in doubt of an action then ASK! We don't mind you asking things to make sure of what you do, it's all part of the training. Even the longest forum mods will ask something now and again. We'd rather you ask than make mistakes. Don't be tempted to listen to the wannabes and petulant ex-staff, use your own judgement and instincts.

8] Let the players talk! The forums are there to talk on, so dont go into control freak mode and lock everything you don't agree with! You're there to make sure the forum rules are applied and followed and the rules apply to you too. Snide comments about posts/players are not helpful either, so watch the language please!

9] No Locking On Demand. Let a post drop naturally once its done. This includes the OC/BM/Sports forums. The only time you lock a post is when it breaches the rules. No where in the rules does it say you have to lock on demand, if anyone can find one, I'll give them 100 creds!

Black Market - If a player has sold their item or their post is no longer needed, then they can post that in large letters on the post.

OC Forum - Players tend to leave their posts when the oc is done so shouldn't be a real issue on here. Again, they can post in large letters that the oc is done.

Excessive bumping or duplicated posts. This is a breach of the rules, so these posts get locked with bans applied. Again, watch for the 'LOD', apply a warning and ban if necessary. The only time you lock on demand is if a player misposts or makes a mistake in their post and requests it, or the FTP prize has been given out. Do not assume a misspelt post needs locking, players might enojy their fail post and want to keep it.*

10] Complaints. Any complaints about staff, ask them to use the 'Report a Staff Problem' option on GP Support and it will be dealt with within 48 hrs. Do not get into arguments on the forum over what is right/wrong or to justify an action. Take it off the forums please.

Forum Bans

* Low Offence *
* Medium Offence *
* High Offence *

* Low Offences*

- Begging.
- Posting in the wrong forum.
- Making a new thread about a topic that already exists
- Posting pointless topics and repetedly posting ones that have already been locked/deleted (considered to be spam)

At first give them a warning. If they continue to ignore you then use a ban of 3 hours.

Next, if they continue after the ban has ended, a ban of 6 hours would be applied.

After that, if they still continue to break rules a 12 hour ban should be given.

Finally if the posts continue, use a 24 hour ban.

* A 6hr automatic no-warning forum ban for property owners advertising in the main forum. Message a mod when you do this please so it can be logged*

*Who Killed Who has a 1 hr no chatting ban. Please make sure any deleted comments are explained on the post and any necessary repost requests/warnings made to the player concerned*

* Medium Offence *

- Stalk or harass another player.
- Spam (multiple threads / posts on same subject).
- Abuse of staff - Admin, Mods, Forum mods, HDOP's - Staff bashing is not allowed in the same way player bashing is not allowed!

These offenses are considered to be serious, only one warning should be given.

If ignored a 6 hour ban will do nicely.

If they still continue to break the rules, no warning and a 12 hour ban.

Finally if the posts continue, use a 24 hour ban.

*Direct any complaints to GP Support please*

* High Offence *

- Posting of pornography / vile images considered unsuitable to decent people
- Posting urls of porn/unsuitable sites
- Abuse / Racism etc of any kind
- Advertisements for any other website/game.

If these rules are broken a ban of 24 hours should be enforced immediately and REPORT TO A MOD via inbox AND GP Support!

If duplicate accounts are made and the posts continue, you must contact Admin/Mods immediately.

Forcing a forum ban will result in a modkill. The forum ban is there for a reason and is not to be abused.

Any player given a 24 hr forum ban will have any property they own dropped/confiscated.


What to lock!

This includes topics such as:

- Begging (in any forum)
- Selling/buying/giving Accounts (From any game - message a mod asap)
- Selling Sigs/Pics/Tags on the main forum
- Selling of cars/credits/bullets/stores on the main forum. (mssg the player to tell them where to go)
- Pointless. (e.g. posts like 'hi', NOT posts that have / will gain interest. The forum is for fun!)
- Asking a mod to check something (they should use the support page)
- Asking to be Mod/HDOP/F-Mod (tell them to ask the helpdesk for advice)
- Topics asking people to look in their inboxes. They'll look if they want to!
- Idea posts - refer to GP Support please
- Any post reaching up to 100 pages needs locking and ask the player to repost please

These Topic Should be locked at first (including a reason for the lock), then soon after deleted as what they are still selling is being advertised

*We do not have a lock on demand option on GP1, any player forcing a lock will get a warning and then be banned. If a post is done, then leave it to drop on its own*

What to Delete!

- Anything Abusive / Racist / Personal (e.g. pictures) or Offensive
- Pornography (No parts showing!)
- Pic makers using unsuitable renders
- Advertising store/casino prices (6hr immediate forum ban - message a mod with details)
- Any locked post past half way down the forum.

What NOT to lock!

- General Chit Chat
- Topics about Mods that are there for fun
- Topics after they have been answered (other may have a different opinion/answer)
- Asking for Drug Price
- Posts on religions / races or other fairly controversial issues until they become too argumentative.
- Anything else that is harmless and in good humor and attracts the right attention.

*Any post that seems to be getting out of hand, post a general warning to calm them, message players inboxes if necessary. If the arguing reaches a level when banning is needed, then lock and ban those responsible.*

A few things to remember:

- Remember to check stickied topics, these are often spammed.
- The forum panel can be used to delete all posts made by one person.
- Ban for 3 hrs for general bad behavior.
- Ban for 4-6 hrs for cooling hot heads.
- Ban for 7- 24 hrs for serious breaches of forum rules.
- 24hr bans inform a mod immediately.
- Do not forget to do a sweep of the Black Market, OC Forum and Sports Forum every 30 mins or so and read the posts, don't just look at the title!

Black Market - If a player has sold their item or their post is no longer needed, then they can post that in large letters on the post.

OC Forum - Players tend to leave their posts when the oc is done so shouldn't be a real issue on here. Again, they can post in large letters that the oc is done.

Excessive bumping or duplicated posts. This is a breach of the rules, so these posts get locked. Again, watch for the 'LOD', apply a warning and ban if necessary.


~Forum Mods~

1] Do Not Abuse Your Position. You were not given the job lightly, so value it!

2] You Are The visible face of the staff, so please act like it. Don't get dragged into arguemnts.

3] Be alert, players will try and trick you, so be aware of what they are trying to do.

4] Any threats to your inbox, block them and report it. We are here to support you as much as we can.

5] You will be put in a position that will mean you have to lock/delete/ban a friend, try and seperate your forum mod duties from your friendships as much as possible. If your friend is breaking the rules, then act accordingly.

6] We know you are entitled to play the game and we cant force this rule so we're asking you nicely to try not to kill other members of staff! Try to tolerate them, we all have to work with people we dont like, just point your gun in another direction please!

7] If you are killed, then please wait for your mod to come online to be remade. Don't go pestering other mods, they'll just ignore you.

8] Don't be offended if Admin/Mods ask you to justify and action, we have the right to ask.

9] These are 'Guidelines' and are not set in stone, so use common sense and your instincts where possible and learn to 'read' the tone of the forum.

10] Admin/Mods have the right to change/amend the guidelines as and when necessary. Forum mods will be kept up to date, but players might not, so be ready to explain when questioned.


~Qualities we look for in a forum mod...~

Forum mods get a lot of abuse, rarely their fault, they are easy targets when a player is looking for someone to blame. Forum mods tend to get killed, so they need to have no real attachment to their accounts! A good sense of humor, respect for the players and staff, be calm in tense situations, be able to speak clearly and be willing to explain things to the players. They need to be able to take criticism and learn from their mistakes. They need to have common sense and tact and be willing to help when asked, and when not!


Written by Cassandra